404 – Rubbish gig alert

Yeah, it’s all very nice, but it’s really cold and about to rain.

So, I did a gig, with someone I don’t know. To be honest, that in itself is something of a miracle these days, but it was a gig, so I said yes, because that’s what we do. The above picture is of where we set up. Actually, it doesn’t look that bad but it’s pretty cold and it’s about to rain. Not much, but enough to not want an electric piano and a PA to get wet. Well, also it became clear that absolutely nobody was going to listen to us because it was too cold and too rainy. A little bit like this, which was the view from the piano after our first number.

Busy, huh?

It became clear that there wasn’t really anywhere good inside to set up but we did so anyway, squeezed into a corner, a bit too near the bar and without much room to move. So little room, in fact, that I had to sit under a bit plant. Well, strictly speaking, I was inside  a big plant. It was a little bit rubbish to be honest. I won’t labour the point, I think the picture says enough…

Rubbish. I’m not pulling a face either, it’s just how my face was hanging.

So, it was a rubbish gig, nobody listened, the set times were all stupid, the food wasn’t very nice, but at least we were dry, we got fed and we got paid. All is well.

2 thoughts on “404 – Rubbish gig alert

  1. Nice hat. You really are sitting ‘inside a plant’ – with bits of it between your face and the keyboard. Just as well you didn’t need to follow the music score with all those extra vertical lines!

  2. I’ve been doing this gig at a local casino restaurant bar for 10-1/2 years. I have nights where I literally play anything from Monk to Skynard, and everything in between. Do you sing? If it’s a piano bar gig that’s going to probably be a must, as most patrons want to hear the lyrics of the songs they request. It’s a fun gig, really my favorite thing I do right now!

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