400 – Oh, that’ll be the 400th post then…

400 wasted opportunities to do something constructive.

Oh, this is awkward. A landmark post, right in the middle of a daily sequence of posts within a certain structure. Wasn’t really supposed to happen like this, to be honest. I rather hoped it would have a grander sense of occasion, but it doesn’t at all, it just kind of gets in the way, really.

Even the day itself isn’t exciting, with a long rehearsal a long way away.  Great. Suppose I ought to talk about something really. OK, let’s talk about “The B Of The Bang”. It’s a sculpture. Or rather it was a sculpture. It looked like this:

Oo, look, it’s like a thing about athletes, or some rubbish. Actually, ‘some rubbish’ is precisely what it is now.

I was always rather fond of it, and drove past it many hundreds of times. What I didn’t know then was that it was a total nightmare. Yes, it looked ace, but even before it was unveiled, it’s cost had spiralled and it’s delivery had been postponed. Not long after it was unveiled bits started to fall off, bits were stolen, a nearby road was closed and generally it was a bit of a nightmare. The £2 million that it cost seemed, by that point, a bit steep.

Things got so bad that Manchester City Council decided it needed to be dismantled, they needed to sue the designer and the sub contractors, and that was that. They got £1.7 million back and then sold the core of it for scrap, for £17,000, whilst all the prongy bits are in storage, with the idiotic designer hoping that someone will invest in it.

Yeah, I love it, but it’s fucking rubbish because it just doesn’t work. The guy is a designer, but at no point did he involve any engineers who could have told him that the whole thing was a lot of nonsense and bits would fall off. It was by a main road of course (that’s why I drove past it so often) and he was happy to let something that dangerous stay there, just because his poncey 3D drawing of it had said it was OK? What a loony!

Having said that, never mind him, he’s just an artist being artistic (ie idiotic). What the fuck were the council playing at, letting this all happen, with £2 million of our council tax money, without perhaps thinking that some proper boffins should be on board to make sure the thing was safe and not a total liability. £2 million sodding quid! You have to understand that I love it, and if I had the money I’d get it rebuilt in my garden in an instant, but what the hell were people playing at? Yeah, let’s get someone who studied in Manchester to make something for Manchester to commemorate the Commonwealth Games! Yeah, well done you utter bunch of idiots. I cannot imagine how any of them get on in life, really.

So there it is. Or rather, there it isn’t, anymore. As it happens, I moved away, so hardly ever saw it once it started falling to bits and it was dismantled without my realising it had happened. It’s a metaphor for life really isn’t it? *


* No, it’s not a metaphor for life at all, it’s just a little story about something which came into my head recently and I thought I’d write about because it interests me. No metaphors here, mate.

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