399 – Some Photos, Part Twenty One

A stupid dog.

This is my Dad’s dog. He is an idiot. No, not my Dad, he is certainly not an idiot. Well, not much of one anyway.

But that’s beside the point. My Dad hasn’t had this idiotic dog for long, but one thing that is apparent, is that he likes to sleep in the bathroom. Either bathroom is fine. Nobody can work out why, other than to realise that something in this old dog’s previous home was to do with it.

But there’s little special in the bathroom. It’s not the only place which has a floor like that, and in fact both bathrooms have different floors. The reason I took this photo was that the dog’s head is perilously close to the toilet bowl. I went to the toilet, I did my stuff standing up, because I’m a boy and realised that my urine was impossibly close to a dog’s head and just one tiny slip and I could literally be pissing on my Dad’s dog’s head, which would seem a little harsh. And totally unacceptable. I flushed, washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom, without the dog flinching or moving a muscle.

Remarkable. And idiotic.

4 thoughts on “399 – Some Photos, Part Twenty One

  1. My dogs like to go in the bathroom whenever anyone else is in the bathroom. They just sit and wait. Then leave with you. Strange.

  2. Just had to come back again to this, bless him. Old dogs are just like old folks – with their funny little habits. I expect he has has reasons for liking bathrooms, but it will always be a mystery. The best thing about animals is that they don’t talk … but every now and again you wish they could!

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