396 – Some Photos, Part Eighteen

What you see before you is the simplest but most delicious chocolate flapjack recipe ever. It’s also a piece of Faint family history. It’s been produced on an old school typewriter, and written in black felt tip, I think, by me. The recipe never had a name, but was pinned on the kitchen noticeboard, for, oh I don’t know, about fifteen years? A long time ago, many years after my mother had been making it, I decided that we ought to name the dish in honour of the way we asked for it – “Could you make some ‘stuff’?” It was ‘stuff’, it had been ‘stuff’ for many years, what with the recipe not having a name, and it shall remain ‘stuff’ for many years to come.

I’m afraid I don’t know who’s phone number was 465765, but I suspect they’re not there anymore.

Hey, why don’t you make it. It’s tasty. As you can see from the complex recipe, coffee icing is supposed to go on the top, though there’s no suggestion as to how the coffee icing ought to be made. Best ask my mum.

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