390 – Some Photos, Part Twelve

Ah, the tennis. To be honest, not so much the tennis, but the aftermath of either Andy Murray loving, or Andy Murray hating. He’s currently the fourth best tennis player in the world, so he did really well to get to the final, never mind make a good fist of it.

Roger Federer is really good at tennis and is now the best tennis player in the world. He’s also really experienced in the grand slam finals. He is not a genius. He is really good at tennis. Andy Murray is not a British sporting legend, though he may end up being. If not, then he’ll be Scottish again, obviously.

I rather enjoyed it at time, but let’s not get silly now, it’s just tennis…

I believe the caption for this would read “my point of view” which seems to be all the rage these days. Bit dull though, innit?

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