364 – [heavily edited

Well, here’s something I never expected to happen. For reasons I can’t quite describe, this post has been deleted. Nobody told me to delete it, I chose to.

If you’re really desperate to know what it was about, email me and I might tell you. In the meantime, just get off the internet and go and do something interesting.

3 thoughts on “364 – [heavily edited

  1. I remember when I was a kid the bin men went to the picket lines. Now that was a rubbish strike.
    Couldn’t resist.

  2. It would seem you have toes in two waters, you either are a self employed musician or you are an employed lecturer. Each requires a different set of priorities and alliances. I get that you gig as a muso as and when, but your day job is as a teacher. Your no longer a professional pianist – as that would be denoted by earning money full time in just that profession – (my opinion). Each requires a different hat. As tuition fees exist there is no longer any socialism left in education so by being in the job itself you’ve given up any rights to affordances assisted by the unions. So look forward to evening and weekend work, no bank holidays and little rights. Education has sold it sold to the corporate tyrant.

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