359 – Time for a break

My messy garden. Not really talking about that today though.

Ah, great. The classic three hundred and fifty ninth blog. What a milestone! To be honest, I was going to write a post every day until we got to three hundred and sixty six, just to have one per day for a (leap) year, but I realised that was just as pointless as what we talked about yesterday.

To be honest, I even made a list and plotted out how I’d do it and what I’d say, but that was stupid. So, what would I have talked about? Let’s save us all some reading and reduce each one down to one sentence. If you want, you can revisit this page every day for the next week, check which post you haven’t had delivered, and ponder it yourself. Perhaps you should write it, and start your own blog.

359 – That’s today. I’m having my good friend Jeff visit me today with all his gardening shiz. He’s a gardener. He’s going to fix my garden. Hence the picture. That essentially, is all I was going to talk about.

360 – Of course a post like that means I would have spent tomorrow morning writing about how the garden had changed (if at all) and how pleased I was and how much I love Jeff. You’ll just have to pop round and see it for yourself.

361 – I’m away very, very early on Monday morning for a day’s vocal coaching with celebrities, so I would have spend tomorrow evening writing about the other list I have, of stuff I never got round to writing about on this blog. Yeah, scraping the barrel so early in the week. I’m actually going to either save those things for a few weeks time, or just not bother. Some of them have been on the list for ages, so they’re obviously not that good to talk about.

362 – What Have We Learnt? Yes, a little tongue in cheek post about what we’ve all read in the last couple of years on here. Nothing is the answer, let’s save you the epic way I would have described that.

363 – Top five posts. The most viewed posts on here are pretty random and I was going to give you a rundown of what they were. So what? There doesn’t seem to be much sense to it. So they are,

1. 93% of you won’t copy and paste this
2. Like, like
3. We Buy And Car
4. The worst pains of all (part four)
5. Snow hysteria 

Weird that those should be the top ones, in amongst what I think is some nice bits of writing, but there we go. It’s Google’s fault, but I won’t bore you with why.

364 – The quest for inner peace. Amazingly, I really mean that. To be honest, most of the reason that I can’t be angry anymore is that I don’t want to be, and I’m actively trying not to be. I know, it sounds preposterous. I will write about this in the future, but try and avoid hippy self-help psycho babble rubbish and deal with it from the realistic point of view of a busy normal person. We’ll see…

365 – This post, which won’t be posted on Friday, was essentially going to be something like I’m writing now. Yeah, really scraping the barrel after what would have happened through the week.

366 – I was just going to have an empty post, because I thought it would be a funny thing to leave at the top of the site for several weeks. Yes, I am an idiot and yes, I’ve thought all this through way, way too much. But that’s exactly the point.

I won’t be writing again until I get back from my holiday, so it’ll be some time during the second week of April. Feel free to pop back and read some old posts if you’re missing it. You won’t. Not one single bit, unless it actually makes your bowels move of a morning. I recommend Lactulose.

That’s all for a while. I’m relieved. Thanks for reading.

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